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Santa Parade!

...I feel kind of lonely, since I was the only one out of DLC that actually went along to this ;__;

Anyway, I bring photos!



Ichigo (from...? I'm not too sure. If anyone knows, it would help me out a lot! Haha... >.>) sitting on our... truck thing. xD

Ichigo: "My lollipop. You no can has."

Hunny: *pout*

Ichigo: "Actually... That kid there has a pretty epic lollipop... >D"

Ichigo + Roxas: ...:/
(Wonder what they're looking at? Haha xD)

Sasuke: "Here, have a flier."

Random kid: "I don't want your goddamn flyers!"

Sasuke: "=__=;; Take the flyer or else I'll attack you with my sharingan."

D'aww, the Sasuke was awesome :3

Snake: "...DAMN is it hard not to scream in pain right now."

Hunny: "Ichigo did it!"

(I love his face there xD)

Roxas: "Are you feeling the awesome? 'Cause I am."

"This is modern mafia
They're scared of us, they're scared of us~"
-"Modern Mafia" - Athlete

Hunny: "Haha, Ichigo, I don't need your lollipops! Got mah own~"

D'aww, Fai and Snake work well together! Spiderwoman's jealous xD

Drocell: "Ohmygod, what's that behind us?!"

Fai: "I dunno, I'm too busy staring at the cameraman. Effing cameraman. How dare he take photos of me! D<"

Drocell: "*Snickerlol* Look! Small children!"

Hunny: "...*Formulates plan to free small children*"

This was our float. The little white ute in front, not the huge red truck. But it was epic nonetheless ^w^

Group photo!

Snake: "OK, great. Photo-- Ooh, what's that over there? :3"

Drocell: *Hides behind Wonder Woman"

Who's who...
(None of these losers actually have LJ, so you're going to have to manage with CNZ + dA links xD)
Halloween Town!Roxas | Icarus | *MikukiCookie
Ichigo | Tails | ~4ever-in-a-dream
Sasuke | kyokyogirl | ~kyokyogirl
Hunny | Kiki | ~XxKiki-chan
Snake | Bish im a Spy.
Fai D. Flowrite | tobi-is-a-good-boy
Drocell | Axelinn | ~Axelinn

Anyway, I'll post our Scavenger Hunt pictures later. Right now, I am really sick of HTML code. FREW YOU LJ =__=


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Dec. 19th, 2009 05:12 pm (UTC)
Aww~ These are so cute!

Also, Ichigo is from Tokyo Mew Mew. :)
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